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Who am I? I am sister who decided to start a business surrounded by my passion of reading books and my love for Islam. I combined both together and created Alukhtiya! The meaning of Alukhtiya? This brand has a profound meaning behind it, Alukhtiya signifies sisterhood and all that it stands for. It is a blessing to be apart of this Ummah where we can advise one another, defend one another, and love one another without being bonded by blood.   Our aim? Our aim is to help customers access authentic books much easier at an affordable rate to increase their knowledge in Islam as well as Emaan.  We follow the path of Salaf As-Salih. Can't find a book that you're looking for? You can contact us directly to discuss which books you would like to order as long as it is written by those who follow the Sunnah and the way of the Salaf.                Find yourself a book &                                            Endure the tranquility while nourishing your mind through the flick of each page 🦋

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